妻子与人私奔同居再生子 男子苦寻七年将告重婚
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For seven years, Tanyi has been making a fuss about why his wife, He Lan, abandoned him and two lovely children eloped with others. It took nine cattle and two tigers to find out where his wife was, but now he knows that her wife has lived with others to have children. Today, Tanyi told reporters that he was going to take his wife to court for betrayal.
妻子与人私奔 丈夫苦寻7年
Wives and husbands elope for seven years
This morning, Tanyi came to our news center. Tanyi is a 42-year-old native of Chongqing. He now works part-time in Haikou. Talking about justice, this time he came to the newspaper, he wanted to ask the journalist for help, so that he could meet his wife and have a formal talk.
谈义告诉记者,经人介绍,他和何兰通过相亲结婚。记者在结婚证上看到,他们的结婚日期是1985年。婚后,2个孩子相继出生,一家人生活很和睦。 1991年,夫妻俩从老家来到海口市永兴镇一家石场打工。谈义在石场干活,妻子卖碎石,夫妻俩每月工资也好几千元,渐渐改善了家里的生活。疼爱妻子的谈义包揽了家里的家务活,不管多累,他都坚持给妻子洗衣做饭,家里的账务也由妻子来管理。
Tan Yi told reporters that he and He Lan got married through a blind date. Reporters saw on their marriage certificate that their date of marriage was 1985. After marriage, two children were born one after another, and the family lived in harmony. In 1991, the couple came from their hometown to work in a stone yard in Yongxing Town, Haikou City. Tanyi worked in a stone yard, his wife sold rubble, and the couple's monthly salary was several thousand yuan, which gradually improved the family's life. Loving his wife's talk covers the housework at home. No matter how tired he is, he insists on washing and cooking for his wife. The household accounts are also managed by his wife.
In 2002, after returning home for the Spring Festival, because his wife did not want to leave, he took his youngest son back to Hainan. Unexpectedly, two days later, Tanyi got the news that his wife had left home. "I inquired to confirm that my wife had eloped with a fellow countryman."
Before his wife left, Tanyi's family also borrowed more than 6,000 yuan from the credit union. Talking about justice, he had no choice but to leave his children in his hometown, wandering outside all the time. He had been to Guangzhou, Qionghai, Danzhou and other places to find his wife, so he had no intention of working and no place to settle down.
But every time he finds his wife and the man's place, someone tells her in advance that she's gone, and he can't help it.
意外看见丈夫 女子让人抱走孩子
Accidentally seeing a husband and a woman let the baby go
At about 11 noon today, the reporter accompanied him to a rental house near Haikou South Station, allegedly the residence of He Lan. "What are you doing?" The reporter just walked to the door and a young girl with a child came out of a nearby room. The reporter looked in through the crack in the iron door. A woman was feeding a little boy. There was a bare man standing inside. Reporters said to find He Lan, the young girl shouted "He Jie" to the room. The woman came out on hearing the news. When the reporter asked the child's age, the woman answered that the child was over two years old.
After entering the room, the reporter asked if she was Ho Lan. She shook her head, but her eyes flickered. At this time, Tanyi went to the door and pointed to the woman affirmatively and said, "She is my wife, He Lan." As soon as the woman's face changed, another woman picked up the little boy and ran out of the house. The little boy cried and reached out and shouted, "Mom, Mom..."
"If she had not been guilty of being a thief, why would she have let someone take the little boy away?" Talking with a heavy expression, I heard that my wife and other men live together to have children. Now it seems to be true.
老乡抢夺记者相机 想毁灭生子“证据”
Villagers snatched reporters'cameras in an attempt to destroy the "evidence" of their birth
In order to avoid the crowd, He Lan went out of the house without saying a word and hurried into another yard, followed by reporters. The reporter asked her if she remembered her two children. He Lan cried out straightforwardly: "I left him a few years ago. Our story is clear and the court's decision is coming soon."
At this time, He Lan and four women from her hometown suddenly closed the iron door, grabbed the reporter's right hand in a fierce manner, and stretched out their hands to grab the camera in the reporter's hand. Reporters stopped drinking and they stopped, but insisted on checking the photographs in their cameras, otherwise they would not let the reporters leave. "That's not her child. It's my child. You can't shoot it." Another young woman shouted loudly to reporters.
The conversation could not proceed, and the conversation stood helplessly outside the door.
After a while, a lot of Holan's villagers gathered outside the house. In order to be safe, Tanyi had to leave first. "She abandoned her family and broke up our family. Now that she lives with others and has children, I will sue her for bigamy." Standing by the roadside, Tanyi looked at the door from afar.
写纸条证明被母弃 女儿支持父亲告母
Write a note to prove that the abandoned daughter supports the father's suing mother
According to reports, in June this year, He Lan filed a divorce lawsuit with the local court. Reporters from the materials provided by Tanyi see that he Lan's reasons for divorce are: Tanyi has had many affairs, and even infected with syphilis passed to her, she can not live with him. Tanyi believed that his wife had falsely accused him of having an affair, but it was true that he had been ligated and his health was a bit bad. He was not informed that the verdict was coming soon.
On a piece of paper, the reporter saw such a passage: in 2002, after my mother left home, she did not do my duty to support my brother and me, and she should bear the corresponding responsibility. The reporter then interviewed Tan Min, Tan Min's 21-year-old daughter, who is now married and has just turned 1. She confirmed that she had written it herself.
“爸爸回老家的时候我看到他变得又黑又瘦,我好心疼。我知道爸爸为了供我和弟弟上学,在外打工非常辛苦,所以我小学毕业后就选择辍学了。”后来,谈敏出外打工,受工伤导致右眼失明。 “其实小时候我很恨母亲,因她离家出走,害惨了父亲。但恨一个人太累了,尤其是恨自己的母亲。”谈敏的声音有点
"When Dad came back home, I saw that he became black and thin, and I was very sad. I know that my father worked very hard outside for my brother and me to go to school, so I chose to drop out after I graduated from primary school. Later, Tan Min went out to work and was injured at work, resulting in blindness in his right eye. "In fact, when I was a child, I hated my mother because she ran away from home and hurt my father. But hate a person too tired, especially hate their mother. Talk Min's voice is a little bit



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